Study abroad worry-free with Language International's health and personal effects insurance coverage. When you book a course with us, you can opt to purchase an extensive insurance plan that covers not only your health care cost but also loss of your personal belongings!

Health insurance coverage summary

  • Medical expenses per accident or sickness up to $50,000
  • Deductible is $0.00 per accident or sickness
  • Nervous/mental coverage: $500 outpatient, $2,500 inpatient
  • Drug/alcohol-related injuries excluded

Schedule of benefits

Accidental death per insured $10,000
Aggregate limit per accident $2,000,000
Deductible on medical expense (per accident or sickness) $0.00
Basic medical expense (per accident or sickness) $50,000. @ 100%
Pre-existing condition Up to $500
Mental and nervous (outpatient) $500
Mental and nervous (inpatient) $2,500
Limit for emergency medical evacuation Up to $25,000
Limit for repatriation/return of mortal remains Up to $10,000
Limit for emergency medical reunion Up to $2,000
Drug or alcohol-related injuries Excluded
Extension of benefits 30 Days
Limit for non-emergent ER illness deductible (for inbound US participants only) Up to $250
Limit for dental treatment in case of an accident Up to $2,500
Limit for emergency (or palliative) dental emergency pain relief treatment to natural teeth Up to $500 per occurrence
Pre-existing conditions Included up to $500

Personal effects coverage

  • Personal effects loss maximum limit: $5,000
  • Personal effects deductible maximum limit: $100
  • Per-item limit maximum limit: $200
  • Electronic devices maximum limit: $500
Provides you with $5,000 of insurance to cover your personal belongings in the event of theft, fire and accident while you are visiting the covered destination. There is a per occurrence deductible of $100 and a per item limit of $200, excluding electronic devices which are limited to $500. Coverage is for the value at the time of loss and does not cover loss or damage caused by wear, tear, gradual deterioration or negligence. Specific exclusions are money, documents, watches, jewelry, computers, skis and bicycles.

What if I get sick during my stay abroad? How do I file a claim?

Before your course starts, you will receive a health insurance card from Language International. Please make sure to print and sign it. When going to a doctor or hospital you should present our card and ask that the bills be sent to the address on the card.

Smaller medical providers may prefer to receive payment when services are rendered and in this case, you may send original itemized bills/pharmacy receipts that you have paid along with a completed claim form to the address below for reimbursement of covered expenses:

Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI)
River Plaza, 9 West Broad Street
Stamford, CT 06902-3788

If you prefer to send your claim form by email, you may send it to [email protected]. Please make sure that you attach scanned copies of all itemized bills/pharmacy receipts in your email.

In more serious cases where a hospitalization is involved, you or someone on your behalf should call the toll free or collect number on the ID card front to open a Medical Case with Team Assist, our emergency assistance provider.

Team Assist is available 24 hours a day and can help with verifying coverage, guaranteeing payment and arranging for medical evacuation or repatriation (if medically necessary) either with or without a medical escort. Team Assist is able to pay foreign hospitals directly via foreign check or wire transfer.

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