Although different course types have different requirements, most intensive and standard language courses are available for all levels, from beginner to advanced. Total beginners often have specific start dates (once or twice a month), but if you have a basic knowledge of the language, the start dates are more flexible – almost all schools will allow you to start on any Monday. Learn more about start dates

Test preparation and business language courses often require an intermediate level of fluency. If you are a total beginner and need to take a test preparation course for university admission or a business course, we recommend that you first take an intensive language course. Once you’ve achieved an intermediate level of fluency, you may then take a test preparation or business course. Learn more about course types

In certain cases, you will need a visa to travel to your destination country. Though this is not a requirement for booking a course, it is a legal requirement to enter and study in certain countries. If you need a visa, you will receive the necessary visa documents once you have booked and paid for your course. Learn more about getting a student visa

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