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"Do students from Finland need visa going to Switzerland?"

Dyan Test, student from USA
People from Finland don’t need a visa to come in Switzerland.
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"The student has a General Visitor Visa, and NOT the Tier 4 General Student Visa. Will you be able to take the student?"

Okay, but is it a Child study visitor visa? Because even if the student has a visa, it'll have to be a study type visa in order to study as you are also aware of.
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"I have a prospective student from Saudi Arabia who would like to study at Center of English Studies: Oxford. The student already has a General Visitor Visa, and NOT a Student Visitor Visa. Does he need to apply for the Student Visitor Visa? Or will you allow him to enroll and study with his General Visitor Visa? Most of our other schools in the UK allow students to study if they already have a General Visitor Visa, but I just want to make sure that you can accept this student without asking him to apply for a Student Visitor Visa. Can you confirm?"

The student will need to apply for a Student Visitor Visa. We cannot accept students on a GVV. All students from visa national countries MUST have the appropriate Student Visitor Visa, or Extended Student Visitor Visa for their course.
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"These students are from Venezuela, where they have currency control and can't make the full payment upfront. Do you accept Venezuelan students to your courses? Do students require visas for 26 week course duration?"

We do accept the Venezuelan students and we provide the support work to apply for bank transfers from Cadivi. We take the initial deposit due to the fact that Cadivi transfer the money we always receive the amount that is less than the course and accommodation fees. The students will need to apply for a visitor visa in order to arrive to the UK and we are able to support them through the process. We send the confirmation of enrolment translated in Spanish as well as the preformed invoice(gross) in Spanish, as well as the schedule of studies(all confirmed by our academic manager and translated by an experienced Spanish speaker).
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"I have a prospective student from France who would like to study at Lewis School of English. Will he need a visa?"

If the student is a French National he will not need a visa.
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"The student only has a Child Visitor Visa and NOT a Child STUDENT Visitor Visa. So that means that he has to go and apply for a Child SVV?"

Good news is we can take this student. Under 18s are allowed to study on a child visitor visa as long as it is with an accredited school, which EC London is. It is only adults that require a special student visitor visa.
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"Does a student from Angola need a visa to study for 3 weeks?"

Yes. Angolan students do need a visa to study on a 3 week course and must apply for their visa prior to travelling.
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"The student wants to apply for a scholarship from his government. He needs a (conditional) LOA to get his sponsorship approved. Would the school agree to send out a conditional LOA to this student for the entire duration of their studies?"

Study IH Belfast, International House: Belfast school representative
The normal procedure is to generate a Course / Booking confirmation and invoice for the student to use in their application for sponsorship. Once the student has received a financial guarantee from the Saudi Cultural Mission, the school will ask that they email us a copy and then we would use this to generate a letter for their visa application. If the student would prefer a LOA, the school could write this for them as well.
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